Friday, February 18, 2011

I think what's really needed is for Spring to arrive

Some correspondence to the National Budget ...

Nothing left;
almost out of residuals;
running on fumes;
coming up empty ...
that's me

Every so often I get here.
don't know how I get here
'cause I can't identify the fuel
out of which I function.

The refill tank
always seems to be on the
wrong side of the car.

Using excel spreadsheets
to identify fuels is  useless;
a pattern of checks,
distributed down yes/no columns  --
a waste of time;
or picking 1-10, where
1 = strongly dislike and 10 ...
well, we all know what 10 is.

The problem  with spreadsheets
is that coming to a valid conclusion
requires that
answers be  weighted,
and after all these years
I still haven't discovered
my own personal weighting system.

For now I think I'll
read a book (equivalent to Congressional Commissions),
run a nightly search for
the best mobile tablet to buy,
look with satisfaction
on a back porch
completely devoid of snow,
where just 3 days ago the snow was
3 feet deep.

What I won't do
is talk to anyone
or pay any attention to
what, ordinarily, others would call
"my responsibilities".

I might even go so far as to
pull down the blinds..