Thursday, December 16, 2010

freed, not freed; flogged, sentenced to stoning then hanging then limbo: turns out husband sold Sakineh for sex

PRAY FOR Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani.  Starting back in 2006, this is just a rolling nightmare.

First this woman is imprisoned for adultery and flogged some big number of lashes. Then she's sentenced to stoning for the adultery. Then she's charged with murder (sentence changes to hanging) and reportedly tortured to drag out a signed confession. Then more of see-saw of same, in response to international outcry. Then her son and lawyers are arrested and thrown into prison.

Then one day, a couple of weeks ago everyone celebrated what looked like her release ... only it wasn't a release.  Instead it was another reportedly "forced," confession of murder, this time held in her northern Iran home and videotaped for purpose of airing on Iranian state TV.

And now again she waits.

Emotional: Sakineh Mohammedi Ashtiani confessed to murdering her husband in a documentary shown in Iran earlier this month. Her lawyer said she had made the programme under duress