Monday, October 11, 2010

Thoughts on NH Oath Keeper parents having newborn taken from them @ hospital

I think this subject continues to need our attention; the facts surrounding the case are uncertain and conflicting.  However, John Irish's membership in Oath Keepers was listed on the affidavit as one of the charges given for removing the infant from parental custody. The Oath Keepers link is below, with ongoing commentary on the Child Protective Services event which began on October 7th. 

Some people are saying we don't know all of the story.  Maybe so but the issue of "Oath Keepers" being included on the affidavit as a reason for taking the baby is horrifying and requires very close scrutiny, regardless of  whether John Irish (the father), or his girlfriend, have 4 heads or 9 fingers.  John Irish said there is a hearing latter this week on the matter; I think we should pay close attention.  Frankly as a life-long citizen of the middle class with 3 grown children of my own (a soccer mom, a wrestling mom, a car-pooling mom) -- in other words deep roots in the middle class -- I am profoundly suspicious of CPS.  My family was friends with a couple, back in the 80's, whose lives were almost destroyed by false CPS charges.  I suspect comparable stories might emerge if one were to just simply bring up the topic of CPS at any dinner party.