Thursday, September 30, 2010

growing up in the 50's: Summers Run -- a book well worth reading

James L. Cotton (Jim), a friend of mine from high school has written a book entitled, "Summers Run,"   a book about boyhood in the 50's in a rural Pennsylvania town.  You can purchase a hard copy of the book at or an e-version for the Kindle or for Kobobooks.  He has wonderful country photography at his website (  You'll enjoy the book and his website.

a lighter note ... my eldest granddaughter on 1st day of 1/2 day kindergarten

What irrepressible joy!

Alien testimony video measured against appointing UN rep to be contact point for Alien encounter

Per these 2 links (below) what concerns me most is the interweaving in the current news cycles of (1) the appointment of a United Nations representative to serve as point person for Alien dialog, should it happen that an Alien comes looking for a rational human being with whom to dialog; and (2) the National Press Club lending its prestige to a Disclosure Project wherein numbers of respectable, retired military personnel recount stories of their Alien sitings.
For most of my life, the people associated with this subject have been considered fringe: mocked, marginalized, even physically endangered. But now, in the span of just a couple of days it seems the subject is taking a pretty sharp corner into some legitimacy.
The testimonies of the military men were riveting, as they always are, but to my eye, the testimony  turned dark when the speakers presumed to put their "human stamp" onto why the Aliens were here. Surprise, Surprise, they said they thought Aliens were directing humans to nuclear disarmament, that Aliens will necessarily cause the unhinging of religion as we know it, and (in another video, not included) that oil based economies must end.
Don't misunderstand me: I have not been someone to ridicule people who say they saw space crafts.  I just never formed a definitive opinion on the subject.  It didn't seem necessary to do so. After all, just exactly what was I going to do if I concluded that a highly superior Alien race was interested in Planet Earth. But if you link alien spacecraft sitings with a political human agenda ... well now, that gets my attention.