Saturday, December 25, 2010

A blessed Christmas to you all

On this night of Christ's birth I wanted to post some audio from Gian Carlo Menotti's Christmas operetta, Amahl and  the Night Visitors. It is an operetta concerning a blindingly poor mother, in the time of Christ, and her crippled child, and what transpires when the 3 Wise Men happen upon their door. They sing a song, Have you Seen a Child the Color of Wheat, the Color of Gold ... the Kings searching for a saviour prophesied to end suffering and the mother suffering for her child, here present.

Does it not tug at your heart and overflow with love.   A blessed Christmas to  you all.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

freed, not freed; flogged, sentenced to stoning then hanging then limbo: turns out husband sold Sakineh for sex

PRAY FOR Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani.  Starting back in 2006, this is just a rolling nightmare.

First this woman is imprisoned for adultery and flogged some big number of lashes. Then she's sentenced to stoning for the adultery. Then she's charged with murder (sentence changes to hanging) and reportedly tortured to drag out a signed confession. Then more of see-saw of same, in response to international outcry. Then her son and lawyers are arrested and thrown into prison.

Then one day, a couple of weeks ago everyone celebrated what looked like her release ... only it wasn't a release.  Instead it was another reportedly "forced," confession of murder, this time held in her northern Iran home and videotaped for purpose of airing on Iranian state TV.

And now again she waits.

Emotional: Sakineh Mohammedi Ashtiani confessed to murdering her husband in a documentary shown in Iran earlier this month. Her lawyer said she had made the programme under duress

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sakineh set for hanging, in lieu of stoning, in Iran tomorrow: sign petition

Perhaps you can sign petition to stop hanging execution of Sakineh, the Iranian woman accused of adultery who has been fighting a sentence of execution by stoning since 2006.  Just recently the sentence was "commuted" to hanging .... and now her son is in jail for having fought for her release all these many years. Lord have mercy.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Is there something in the water? ... they killed his miniature poodle


Has the whole world gone mad ....First you have the woman taunting a dying 7 yr old girl and parking a coffin outside her house; then you have NPR going off the rails in a way that even their constituents abhor ... and now you have a 6" x 12" poodle euthanized while it's owner is in jail for trying to spring the poodle from dog jail.  It appears the greatest danger this dog has created is having people fall over when they chased the dog.  I return to my 11-yr-old reference in another blog ... I am just glad I am not 11 years old.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

10-15 post on the blaze website. Baby returned to "oath Keepers" parents

Baby Cheyenne back in her parents arms.

Amplify’d from

Government NH Baby Returned to ‘Oath Keepers’ Parents

A New Hampshire couple is celebrating today after their baby girl, who was taken from them by the state some 16 hours after birth last week, was returned to them yesterday.

Johnathon Irish, 24, and his girlfriend Stephanie Taylor, 22, both of Epsom, N.H, were reunited with their daughter Cheyenne Thursday afternoon following a closed door custody hearing.

The case gained national attention last week when the couple claimed their newborn girl was taken from them by the state because of Irish’s involvement in Oath Keepers, a national group that opposes unrestrained federal authority. The state, however, cited a history of domestic violence and child abuse as the reason for removing the baby.

In case documents, the state did reference Irish’s association with the “militia” Oath Keepers, however it also explained Irish has repeatedly been involved in domestic and child abuse cases and had failed to complete a state-mandated domestic abuse program. Taylor has two other children who have been removed from her custody due to similar concerns.

Details as to why the baby was returned are not available, as the judge in the case has issued a gag order.

Despite the parents’ joy, the day wasn’t without its drama. Protesters both in favor of and opposed to the couple rallied outside the courthouse. The Concord Monitor reports that tensions rose when Johnathon Irish’s father, John Irish, told a reporter within earshot of Johnathon Irish that his son had spent a portion of his childhood in residential juvenile facilities and had gotten in trouble with the law. He added that Johnathon Irish deserved to be scrutinized by the state.

“DCYF was acting properly to protect that child,” said John Irish to the Monitor, who said he’s been estranged from his son for at least five years. “There were two other children who were also taken from their home.”

That enraged Johnathon. He approached his father, standing inches from his face. “You were nothing. You were worthless,” Johnathon Irish said, trying to control his temper.

Things did settle down and Irish and Taylor were eventually handed their baby girl. “This restores my faith in the justice system,” said Nancy Haskell, Irish’s mother. “I’m ecstatic.”

“There’s no reason his political affiliation should have anything to do with his ability to take care of a child,” Oath Keepers’ East Coast vice president Chauncey Normandin told the Monitor. “That’s offensive to us.”

Oath Keepers has demanded the reference to its organization be removed from court documents:


Friday, October 15, 2010

Baby Cheyenne returned to parents

God, protect this child.

Amplify’d from

Baby girl taken after birth returned to parents

Updated: Thursday, 14 Oct 2010, 10:15 PM EDT
Published : Thursday, 14 Oct 2010, 8:25 PM EDT

EPSOM, N.H. (FOX 25 / - A baby girl from New Hampshire who was taken into state custody last week has been returned to her parents.

Twenty-four-year-old Jonathan Irish and his girlfriend, 22-year-old Stephanie Taylor, both of Epsom, N.H, were reunited with their daughter Cheyenne Thursday afternoon.

The New Hampshire Department of Children, Youth and families took the baby only hours after she had been born at Concord Hospital.

According to court documents, a social worker believed the baby was in "imminent danger" if left with Irish and Taylor.

Taylor has had two other children from another father removed from her care. According to an affidavit, Irish has a history of violence and anger issues.

The case drew national attention because the state linked Irish to a group called Oath Keepers. The state called the Oath Keepers a "militia group".

The Oath Keepers describe themselves as a non-violent, non-partisan association of people dedicated to supporting and defending the Constitution.

The Oath Keepers have petitioned the state to remove the reference from the court record.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

more on baby Cheyenne from

All we can do is continue to follow this. I think most people have been out of pocket watching the Chile mine rescue.

Amplify’d from

Press Releases

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Updated - Baby Cheyenne: Evidence of Neglect or Abuse in Care

Confirmed reports have come to our attention that Baby Cheyenne is either being neglected or abused in the care of foster parents.

When Jonathan and Stephanie arrived at at scheduled visit the baby would not wake up. They decided to change the diaper as that will wake up a baby. As they did, they discovered blood in her diaper and was found to be coming from her privates. The sheriff is a witness to this fact and the baby has been rushed to hospital by the sheriff as this discharge is not within the normal levels expected due to hormonal changes in a new born baby girl.

These foster parents also have Stephanie's other two children in their care from her former relationship.

As we have already noted in a previous article, children in care are often at more risk of abuse or neglect than average, despite the fact that one would assume that they would be safer in care than not.

The police were trying to lay the blame on the baby's distress upon him, despite there being a sheriff who is a witness to the fact that he had nothing to do with the child's condition. The hospital personnel did not want to let him in to the treatment room at first, but they agreed after security cleared it. This was due to Jonathan talking to Alex Jones by cellphone live on national radio, and the security staff have backed off and are now allowing him to see his daughter.

The current status of Baby Cheyenne is not good as she keeps slipping in and out of conciousness. It is likely that she will have to be kept in overnight.

As we get more news of these developments we will update this article.

Update 19:48 BST (14:48 CST)

There is significant bleeding and swelling around the private parts of Baby Cheyenne and the child is being referred to a paediatrician who specialises in the medical and forensic evidence of abuse.

Baby Cheyenne is under the jurisdiction of the police while in hospital, not the CPS, and unconfirmed reports are that the deputy now has the foster parents in custody for questioning regarding the injuries sustained to Baby Cheyenne.

Only the foster parents are in the frame for this, as there is a sheriff as a witness to the discovery. The sheriff is very unlikely to perjure himself after a full disclosure was made of the facts on national radio via the Alex Jones Radio Show on

Jonathan and Stephanie are still at the hospital and are believed to be with their daughter.

Baby Cheyenne has been taken to a sexual assault speciality Doctor under police escort. The sheriff is with the baby. Stephanie and Jonathan are following them, along with CPS. Baby Cheyenne is 'fussy', going in and out of consciousness, and when she is awake doesn't want any one touching her, which shows the level of her injuries and distress.

Update 20:16 BST (15:16 CST)
Update 20:00 BST (15:00 CST)

Baby Cheyenne has been taken out of CPS custody by the sheriff, who has taken over the whole case. She is being seen by a sexual abuse specialist. There were also abrasions on her vaginal area.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Thoughts on NH Oath Keeper parents having newborn taken from them @ hospital

I think this subject continues to need our attention; the facts surrounding the case are uncertain and conflicting.  However, John Irish's membership in Oath Keepers was listed on the affidavit as one of the charges given for removing the infant from parental custody. The Oath Keepers link is below, with ongoing commentary on the Child Protective Services event which began on October 7th. 

Some people are saying we don't know all of the story.  Maybe so but the issue of "Oath Keepers" being included on the affidavit as a reason for taking the baby is horrifying and requires very close scrutiny, regardless of  whether John Irish (the father), or his girlfriend, have 4 heads or 9 fingers.  John Irish said there is a hearing latter this week on the matter; I think we should pay close attention.  Frankly as a life-long citizen of the middle class with 3 grown children of my own (a soccer mom, a wrestling mom, a car-pooling mom) -- in other words deep roots in the middle class -- I am profoundly suspicious of CPS.  My family was friends with a couple, back in the 80's, whose lives were almost destroyed by false CPS charges.  I suspect comparable stories might emerge if one were to just simply bring up the topic of CPS at any dinner party.


Thursday, September 30, 2010

growing up in the 50's: Summers Run -- a book well worth reading

James L. Cotton (Jim), a friend of mine from high school has written a book entitled, "Summers Run,"   a book about boyhood in the 50's in a rural Pennsylvania town.  You can purchase a hard copy of the book at or an e-version for the Kindle or for Kobobooks.  He has wonderful country photography at his website (  You'll enjoy the book and his website.

a lighter note ... my eldest granddaughter on 1st day of 1/2 day kindergarten

What irrepressible joy!

Alien testimony video measured against appointing UN rep to be contact point for Alien encounter

Per these 2 links (below) what concerns me most is the interweaving in the current news cycles of (1) the appointment of a United Nations representative to serve as point person for Alien dialog, should it happen that an Alien comes looking for a rational human being with whom to dialog; and (2) the National Press Club lending its prestige to a Disclosure Project wherein numbers of respectable, retired military personnel recount stories of their Alien sitings.
For most of my life, the people associated with this subject have been considered fringe: mocked, marginalized, even physically endangered. But now, in the span of just a couple of days it seems the subject is taking a pretty sharp corner into some legitimacy.
The testimonies of the military men were riveting, as they always are, but to my eye, the testimony  turned dark when the speakers presumed to put their "human stamp" onto why the Aliens were here. Surprise, Surprise, they said they thought Aliens were directing humans to nuclear disarmament, that Aliens will necessarily cause the unhinging of religion as we know it, and (in another video, not included) that oil based economies must end.
Don't misunderstand me: I have not been someone to ridicule people who say they saw space crafts.  I just never formed a definitive opinion on the subject.  It didn't seem necessary to do so. After all, just exactly what was I going to do if I concluded that a highly superior Alien race was interested in Planet Earth. But if you link alien spacecraft sitings with a political human agenda ... well now, that gets my attention.